A Penguin Kind Of Love

I think penguins are cute. Not just because they waddle around, or look fuzzy and huggable (well, the smaller ones, not necessarily the royal ones). No, it’s also because they mate for life, and there’s something incredibly romantic about that. It’s something humans have difficulty with, but aspire towards anyway. Something I am aspiring towards. So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to the cutest couple you’ll ever see.

These cuties are (one way or another) going to be our wedding cake toppers. The gentleman with the top hat is about 2″ high.

I made them based on the tiny penguin pattern from mochimochiland. I used larger needles (around size 6), and thicker yarn. The veil (from tiny bride and groom) was knitted up with the same larger needles and thinner sparkly yarn so it had a bit more flow to it. Then I switch to crocheting with the same size hook.

Tiny Top Hat Pattern

  1. Chain 3 stitches
  2. sc into first stitch in chain
  3. sc x 2 into each stitch
  4. repeat 3
  5. sc into each stitch, focusing on grabbing the bottom half of each stitch
  6. sc around
  7. sc around (if you want a band around, this is the row you’d switch colours on)
  8. sc x 2 into each stitch, focusing on grabbing the outside half of each stitch
  9. sc x 2 into each stitch
  10. bind off

Now, my crochet style is a lot less precise than my knitting style. I don’t follow a pattern, I just kind of shove my hook in there and add stitches where they’re needed. On a small scale, this appears to work fine. So if anyone would like to correct this pattern’s technique / technical terms, I’m all ears (but be gentle please)!

Mr. and Mrs. Penguin have happily headed off on their honeymoon, but have promised me (and my blog) an exclusive look at their wedding when they get back! (AKA I’ve been super busy lately but get to it as soon as I can.) Stay tuned!


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