The Engagement Watch

Not too long before we got engaged, I came upon the realization that the engagement ring is a bit of a one-sided thing. The woman gets a (usually expensive) very pretty ring, and the man gets…the promise of marriage. Which is great! But the whole thing seemed a tad archaic for my liking. Something like putting a “This Belongs To:” sticker on something to indicate it’s yours. Not to mention the one-sided financial drain.

To correct for this, I had a discussion with my partner, in which he said, “no, I will not wear an engagement ring”. Apparently it’s not manly enough. But what he did say yes to was the idea of a watch. A nice, sophisticated watch. So we did some online searching and then went to a wonderful local store to find the right watch (because less time spent shopping in store is always a good thing!). By the time we got there, we had an idea of brand, style, and price range. The final choice ended up being not the same watch as we went in for, but definitely the right watch.

And you know what? A couple of people have even asked, “Is that the new tradition these days?” Personally, I think it should be.

But that’s just me.


2 thoughts on “The Engagement Watch

  1. awwww, what a great idea. honestly i felt the same way, as if he didnt get anything and i felt like it wasnt fair! lol enjoy !!!

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