Many Marvelous Mason Jars

What I did not realize until recently was how many things were possible with mason jars. There’s the usual canning purposes, as well as cups/mugs because of their temperature tolerance.  This can be extended to being a cut little flower vase, or perhaps a pencil holder. What fascinates me most, however, is how they can be used as decorations.

At first, I fell in love with a mason jar chandelier on etsy by BootsNGus. The only thing that really stopped me is not having a place to put it, otherwise….

Then I saw some lovely garden decorations by The Country Barrel. My version would probably be to wrap some lower gauge wire around below the lip and twist it into little loops on each side and hook some chain to the loops. Certainly a slightly more rustic look, but it’d do the job. Then I might put some sand or sea glass inside, for a more beach-esque look. Nonetheless, I love the idea and am still secretly hoping I have the time to do it one day (and the deck space).

Then I saw some jars on etsy with little battery powered strings of Christmas tree lights in them, simulating fireflies. I did find similar short strings of lights available at canadian tire, but at $25 per string of 10 lights, it’s not a particularly scalable option. But I now have my heart set on firefly lights, so I will find a way to do it. The current, not-so-awesome-but-much-cheaper idea is to paint the jar as described here at Like a Cup Of Tea. It gives it a translucent look, so one could put either a candle or fake battery powered candle inside, achieving that flickery, slightly-obscured light that might pass for fireflies…but probably won’t. I am still in the market for other options!

This, of course, does not nearly cover the range of mason jars. They’re used as planters and picture frames, too!

So many good ideas to try, so little time…maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get to try the translucent blue jars this weekend. I might actually have some time since it’s a long weekend!


2 thoughts on “Many Marvelous Mason Jars

  1. Interesting post SARS! I liked the chandelier, do you have a link for the etsy fireflies?

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