The Perfect Earrings

I am getting to that age where there are lots of weddings in the summer. Not that there aren’t always lots of weddings in the summer–but this summer contained 2 for me to attend and 6 more for other people I know. According to many people it’s “just the age” I’m at.

For the two weddings I am attending this summer, I got to buy a new dress. It took 2 hours and 12 different stores to find. It was an adventure, to say the least! It turned out to be all worth it though, because I found the perfect dress (on sale!): light, summery, and it even had well concealed pockets. But I got the dress home, and discovered that I didn’t have any earrings to match it! What was I to do?

Why, make some earrings, of course!

I had the privilege of making earrings for both of the brides, and they both were very happy with the final product. So you’d think after that, the ideas would be flowing, easy peasy, sit down and poof–the perfect earrings would appear. But that’s not how it was. Coming up with a design for these earrings was actually more difficult than the brides’ earrings! There were colours in my dress that had to be matched properly and I didn’t want to infringe upon the brides’ special days by having similar earrings to them.

The first idea was intended to look like a flower on a vine:

The result was pretty and certainly different, but…not what I wanted. It just looked kind of off. So I spent some more time thinking about it. It came to the point where I was ready to give up, and wear some less exciting sparkly fake diamond earrings. However, inspiration finally hit as I was idly watching tv and pushing beads around in front of me.

Simple and sparkly. Although I do love wirework, sometimes it’s just too much. Just some crystals and seed beads strung on some coated wire.

So that’s it! The quest for the perfect earrings is complete. Mostly. Part of me still thinks they could be better…



One thought on “The Perfect Earrings

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